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It is a great honor to serve the 11th Middlesex District on Beacon Hill. I serve as your State Representative with our community in mind, looking out for Newton’s best interests and answering your questions, comments, and concerns about goings-on at the State House. One of the most incredible parts of my job is knowing that I represent such a vibrant and thoughtful community in Newton.

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Newton relies on public and private transportation, and I’m committed to improving both. I have been working for decades to make our three MBTA commuter rail stations accessible for people of all mobility levels. I have also contributed to multiple road and land use surveys to improve our streets and the flow of private transportation traffic in Newton. I am committed to improving transportation in Newton in order to strengthen economic growth, connect our community members, and make essential services accessible.

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Open Spaces

Our community has a wide range of open spaces, from parks and trails to ponds and rivers. Preserving these open spaces for our residents is always at the top of my mind. During the most recent budget cycle, I filed a handful of amendments to invest in our open spaces, including Farlow Park, the Charles River, and Albemarle Playground. I believe that preserving and improving these spaces creates a stronger community centered on physical and mental health and environmental protection.



I have been a supporter of the arts in Newton since well before I joined the Massachusetts House of Representatives. There are so many incredible arts organizations in our community, including the New Philharmonia Orchestra and the Newton Cultural Alliance, both of which I support through Board membership. The arts organizations add so much value to our community, making it a more inclusive, creative, and engaging place for everyone. I am proud to support this facet of our wonderful community.

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Where is the District?

Representative Kay Khan represents Newton Ward 1: Precincts 2, 3, Wards 2, 3, 4, and Ward 7: Precinct 2. This constitutes half of the City of Newton, including the villages of Newton Lower Falls, Auburndale, Waban, West Newton, Newtonville, Newton Corner and parts of Newton Centre. 

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